Vacation in ancient Greece – Back in Business Hellas

Back in Business is a yearly geocaching-event that takes place in Stockholm as the caching-seasons begin anew after a long (and often cold) winter.

I was asked to do the graphical identity for this years edition and I immediatly said yes. The theme of the year is Holidays in acient Greece and will take place in Hellas, a naturereserve in the outskirts of Stockholm.

I lended my inspiration from the greek pottery with their mathematical patterns and mythical illustrations and wondered how geocaching would have been portrayed back then and how would they portray us going there?

The result was a background-pattern, illustration and a logg-remsa.

See the events online and read more about geocaching here:

I hope to see you in Hellas!

*Where you logg your nickname when you found the geocache associated with this event.