Omnigraffle stencils and beyond

Or how to create great wireframes in breeze.

Omnigraffle is not just for wireframes, you can also use it to create schemes for electricity, but it is a great tool to make wireframes. Here are my 3 steps to speed up the Omnigraffle experience!

>>> Download Omnigraffle
But beware that Omnigraffle 5 is way better than 6.

Get stencils, but not just any stencils

Konigis stencils, if you dont have these already, get them now. Go ahead, I wait here. Don’t forget to donate! OmniGraffle Wireframe Stencils by Konigi

If you are still worried your wireframes aren’t stylish enough, these stencils will save you: ZURB Foundation 4 Stencil Sets

Set and use your own shortcuts

On a Mac it is supereasy to create your own. Go to Settings and pick “Keyboard” and under the tab “Shortcuts” pick “App Shortcuts” in the menu on the left side. To add your own just click the “+”. In the window choose your application, type exactly what in the menu you want to do, hit the keys you want to use. Ready.


The shortcut for the colors-window, : CMD + Shift + C
Yes, it works in any apple-program that has it.

These are my Omnigraffle shortcuts, very recommended.
Omnigraffle Shortcuts

Let a script do the running for you

Here is how you create a clickable index for your canvases which can come handy for that tremendous project, you know what I mean. Styles for automatically-created Table of Contents in Omnigraffle

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