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Is instagram closing a circle?

Since a month back I have been active on Instagram, it’s a soft-start with photography again and I love it. Before I was reluctant to using filters, why would you “destroy” the perfect image by using tints? But then again, the nostalgia of a photo with the perfect feeling of a print in the mid-eighties.… Läs vidare »

Collaboration Spira

Spira Trädgård is a newly founded gardening company that aims for households in the suburbs that need professional help with their gardening. I came about as they needed a website, and they needed it now, before the gardening-fair! Since I know my way around Wordpress I decided to give them a hand in buildning a… Läs vidare »

Stockholm Makerspace

I just started a collaboration with Stockholm Makerspace, an awsome open workshop where you can work on different materials such as wood, textile and metal. But formost with electronics which makes this a beautiful starting-place for groundbreaking ideas and adventure, which is why I wanted to go there! I came about this place through Geek… Läs vidare »